The Adventure of life

ImageSo, I’ve been out writing articles for a magazine after just a few blog entries. I would like to tell you how much my life has changed in the last few months since I started blogging. It’s been one hell of a journey, and quite fragrantly, i still feel like I’m screaming at the top of my lungs in this roller coaster of changes.

Firstly, I would like to apologize that I’ve been so quiet. Life is ultra hectic at the moment. I’m juggling between writing articles and doing my honorers in biokenetics, together with a research proposal that I’m working on and an attempt at writing a novel (keep in mind, I have no education or experience in writing novels, yet, I am really proud to say that it is coming along really well. I’ve posted it on Wattpad for everyone to read for free. Its title is “POWERFUL”.)  Time is something I rarely have. And when I eventually have time to rest, I love to spend it with the newest edition to my life. The most beautiful and wonderful girl I’ve ever met, my girlfriend.

I started blogging at the end of last year, with a total of about 14 blog entries by now I think. But, my life would never have changed if I haven’t attempted to try something new. A fellow wordpress blogger came upon one of my blogs about physical exercise and fitness (which is another one of my passions in life to which I’ve dedicated myself to) and I quote, “Fell absolutely in love with my way of writing”. She asked me if I would be interested in writing for her magazine, and without any hesitation and a smile not even the joker could beat, I was in. I am now writing full time for her, and I’ve never been better.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to further my studies in physical exercise and human movement even more, that I enrolled to do my Honorers in Biokenetics (better understood as physical therapy). Then, after I felt like I still had a hole to squeeze in another project, I decided to write a story. Inspiration struck more than twice, and I found myself with a handbook full of ideas. So I didn’t wait for the gunshot, I started faster than Usain Bolt when he accelerates out of his blocks.

Together with all this madness, I still had time for leisure and socializing. This is when I met probably the most outstanding girl ever. She then became my girlfriend, and we couldn’t be any happier.

Life is great for me at this moment. I wouldn’t change anything if I could. But… Yes, there is a but… There are still people out there who would like just a little more. I want to share with you a life lesson as well. If someone doesn’t smile at you, or doesn’t treat you with the respect you think you deserve, do not be the same. Give what you want to receive despite what you get from the other person.

Do not fight evil with evil, but fight evil with good. Many people are so busy to survive, busy dealing with things on their tables that they forget how they sometimes behave towards others. We are then quick to judge. We act on them right there and then, but we do not always know what their life is like. Not everyone’s life is sunshine and roses like if just shared my life is like. People are not just rude, they aren’t rude for no reason… It comes from somewhere, and it’s so easy to be rude in reply. It doesn’t fix the situation, in fact, it only grows the distance between people.

Try to treat each person with the most grace and compassion as possible, especially if the other person does not act nice. Who knows, maybe they are the ones who need your grace and compassion the most.

I’ll end here for now, But my story is far from over…



The Smarter Fat Burning Approach.

We all have that one friend. That friend that eats like a horse, but looks like a super model. They would eat double the amount you could, while you watch in horror as they stuff themselves without gaining a pound. Have you wondered how they get away with eating that much?

Logically this makes no sense does it? People who are leaner should eat less. Right? Otherwise they won’t be lean. The rules of weight loss tells us that to lose weight, you should exert more energy than you consume. Then that friend should certainly be a freak of nature. Well, there is an explanation.

A study was done in 2000 on 800 teenagers. They wanted to figure out the effect that diet and physical exercise has on cardiovascular diseases. Their assumption was that exercise and diet would make these kids less likely to get fat and develop risk factors for developing these diseases. They thought the kids who ate the most would be the fattest. But they weren’t. Alternately they found that those who ate the most were the leanest. So naturally they thought that exercise would explain this characteristic. But to their surprise, that wasn’t entirely true either.

What they found was that the leanest kids didn’t necessarily weigh less that the fatter ones. This was explained by their body composition. The leaner kids had more muscle and bone, and less fat. The only explanation for this was that these leaner kids spent more time of the day being active. They spent more time, moving and elevating their heart rate. This brings us to the point that exercise is just as important as the diet.

Exercise builds muscle. Really simple. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. In my previous article I wrote about the importance of exercise, and one reason was that it helps you live longer! Studies showed that stronger people tend to live longer, have less body fat and less belly fat specifically. In other words, that friend of yours is leaner, not because they weigh less, but because it could be possible that they have more muscle mass, and once you have that muscle, you can use it to your advantage.

In a very recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity the researchers determined that even though they overfed a number of adults and limited their exercise, those who were the fittest gained the least amount of fat. To improve your fitness, daily exercise is really important. And you wouldn’t gain that much once your exercise has to stop for whatever reason.

But don’t think any amount of exercise gives you a pass to eat whatever you want. That super model friend eats more because they are probably hungrier than you are. This is because of their metabolic demands. Exercise simply allows you to eat what you need to, without worrying that an extra bite will go to your belly or other stubborn areas.

And what if some of it does? Well, you now have the tools to get rid of it. Make your muscles work harder during the day, and they will be happy to be paid by fat. But before you start any exercise program, remember to consult a physician or a Biokineticist.

Understanding what a Biokineticist is all about

Shaun Gray Biokineticist

Many people have heard a friend or someone mention a “Biokineticist”, but not many actually know what they do. 

Some people think they know the scope of what a Biokineticist does but in fact they have been misguided, and as a result Biokineticists in my opinion are  not utilized to their potential and their vast knowledge. A Biokineticist studies for 5 years including their internship and people refer to them as personal trainers. To me this is a bit like referring to an executive chef as a griller at your local Spur. It’s not the same, their knowledge of food is completely different just as a personal trainer and a Biokineticist’s knowledge differ.

Biokineticists are trained in the science of movement and as part of this training they are taught from how to train individuals with chronic conditions to those who have sports injuries. The thought process behind how a…

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Vitamin D and sport performances


If you feel that you are performing better in summer than in winter, you will be happy to hear that more and more scientific studies are backing you up. There is mounting evidence that vitamin D is important for muscle strength and recovery from intense exercise, and as this vitamin is synthesized in your skin thanks to the sun, it is likely that your levels are at their best in summer.

In their latest study, Dr Tyler Barker and colleagues show that vitamin D supplementation enhances recovery immediately after intense exercise.  They asked 28 volunteers to perform 10 sets of 10 single leg jumps with 20 sec rest between the sets, and tested their strength  immediately before, just after, and 24h, 48h, 72h  and 168 h after the effort. 15 of the volunteers took vitamin D supplements and the others a placebo. As you could expect, everybody lost strength and…

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Did!! You!! Hear!! Me??!!

I just thought back to when I was a little boy. My parents had their hands full with me. I was always busy with some kind of mischief, up to no good most of the time. And what happened to me when I did something worth it’s punishment? My parents beat me… But this isn’t a bad thing though…

So many kids of today are caught up with their “Human Rights”, resisting punishment from their parents. They threaten to go to child services, but why? They act as if they are being abused, when actually, they are taught a lesson. They beat me, because the loved me. They wanted me to learn the values of life. They wanted me to to never do whatever I did, and If I even thought of doing whatever again, I would think back of the pain that came with it. This didn’t make them bad parents, and they never beat me blue, or made any marks on my body. This actually made them the greatest parents in the world.

Beating me, only made me a better person. I know why they beat me… Because I deserved it. Not so long ago, I heard a girl complain and cry as if it was the end of the world. She told the story of when  her father beat her because of something she had done. She seemed broken, and torn. At first I thought she was actually abused. When someone comforted her, he asked where he beat her, and she told him: ” He used to pull me over his lap and hit me on my bum.” I started laughing so hard that I nearly fell of my chair. What is this trickery? He didn’t abuse you stupid. He disciplined you! She pulled the entire thing out of context.

I just think that it is appropriate for a parent to beat their child if they needed it. If it was deserved, and needed to teach them a lesson. Its not abuse. It’s discipline. Don’t be a fool. If you were beat as a child, it meant your parents actually loved you. And if you are still beaten today, trust me, they really love you then. Embrace what they taught you. It’s only going to make you a better person in the end…

Be Ambitious…


I haven’t written in some time now, mostly because I’ve been busy with my final exam before I get my degree. Its really keeping me busy, and I rarely have time to read anything else except the books I have to study from, which isn’t really something creative. I like some creativity in my life, which at the moment lacks quite a bit, and that makes me feel depressed on occasion .

But that brings me to my point. So many people take the privilege of going to University for granted, which I personally think is undoubtedly self-centered and narcissistic. There are people working triple shifts just to pay their tuition, while others take the money their parents worked hard for and throw it into their faces like the spoiled kids they are. Partying like wild animals, behaving like barbarians and having no ambition whatsoever to be successful.

What is ambition? Something that a lot of people lack according to my judgement. Actually, the definition states that it is a strong desire to do or achieve something. People with no ambition disgust me. How could you go about your life, never wanting to achieve something great? How are you satisfied with what you have? I am never satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely grateful for what I have, there is a difference, but never satisfied. I constantly want to improve, become better, gain more knowledge, and discover all the talents I have, and if possible, train something I am not talented at, to become a talent.

I have dreams. It is said that everybody has a dream, but I doubt that. From what I’ve seen, there are people in this world that does not even know the definition of a dream. I know people in my dwelling that has an entirely different mindset than what I have. They have rich parents, who they know will have a job for them, if they happen to give up on studying. They just don’t give a damn about what they study. They are satisfied with nothing behind their name, and satisfied with making minimum wage, satisfied going back to an old life, continuing to live the life they left behind before coming to University. How is that enough for someone? I just don’t get it…

Get a grip on your life, work for something, have a dream, get some ambition. Never be satisfied with anything, and strive to improve. Get some knowledge! Its fun to know everything. Its fun to answer questions that mystify others. Don’t be like the rest of the herd and follow the one in front. You have to become the one in front. You should lead the herd.

I don’t mind the lack of creativity in my life at the moment… As long as I have ambition, I think I’ll be okay! There is plenty of time for creativity after I have something behind my name…

And one and two and three and four.


I love music! There I said it… Its the best thing in the world according to me. Music is my escape, my shelter, my friend, my therapist, my motivator and my bed time story teller. I listen to music all the time. But, I also play some myself. I play the guitar and the drums. And I’m also able to play the ukelele.

But recently I haven’t practiced the great art of music, as I’m in collage living in a dorm room, and there isn’t actually place to put all of the equipment, and some of the guys I swear should have been called grumpy like one of the dwarfs in Snow White, because they complain all the time. The smallest little thing annoys them and they come bug me about noise all the time.

So I was snooping around in the store room a few days earlier, looking for another mattress, well because, Ive slept through mine, which has always been a problem with me. I didn’t find one though, but stumbled upon a piece of gold. It was an old abandoned guitar left here by someone who probably didn’t want it anymore. I cleaned it, tuned it using an app I downloaded on my phone, and started jamming. I couldn’t remember anything, because I haven’t played in a really long time. But once I looked up a few chords, it all came back as if I never stopped playing. I played for about 4 hours straight, ignoring the complaints of my neighbors, submerged in another world, like when I write. I feel isolated, just me on an island, surrounded by beautiful, lush forests, and a clear ocean, white sandy beaches, and a light breeze, causing the water of the sea to make a light mist cooling me off as it reaches my face. I felt alive.

But as always there was a downside. Now if you play guitar yourself, you know that after a while of playing, your finger tips gets used to the strings on the guitar and they become hardened the more you play. And as I’ve told you, I haven’t played for quite a while now, so my fingers wasn’t near close as ready as I thought for 4 hours of playing. It felt like they were about to fall off. It hurt so bad. I even have trouble typing this right now. I have blisters on all four of my fingers I use to press the chords. From my index finger to my pinky, all of them have a doctors letter allowing them to take some time off. If  you’ve ever bumped your toe against something, you know it starts to throb, and you can feel your heartbeat in your toe. That is what my fingers feel like. I can feel the blood pumping through each of them, swelling with each heartbeat like a balloon being inflated in small little breaths.

I love to play guitar, and I love music as a whole, listening to it and composing some of it myself. But never,in my life, ever, will a abuse my fingers like that again. A learned my lesson which is, 4 hours of playing guitar will ruin your fingers, so I will only be playing 3 and a half hours each day from now on!

Best time of the Year!!


So its that time of the year for us here in South Africa. What time of year you ask? Well, its Spring!! Man how I love this time of the year! I’m probably the biggest fan of the South African heat. I love this feeling of freshness and freedom.

The pretty girls come out of hibernation, showing off their pretty faces, snow white untanned legs, and heavenly faces that has been hidden for a long, torturing four months. The trees start budding, leaves start growing and ice cream starts dripping. Is there anything better than the sweet, sticky and creamy fluid racing down your fingers?

Spring also brings the end of our year, and is a sign of Christmas creeping up like that of a cheetah stalking its pray. Placing each paw on the ground even more silent than the one before, and then suddenly bursting in a ball of energy and speeds up to you at 120km per hour. It brings families together and is pretty much the most joyful time of the year for all South Africans.

It means that we can walk shirtless on the scorching hot beaches enjoying the ultraviolet rays of the sun on your backs. It brings the time of the year where meat is barbequed (Braaied) in copious amounts, enough beer chugged down for half the population of the world and sunglasses in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles appear on the faces of people that worked overtime just to have a longer leave. Sure we all want a white Christmas, but trust me, you haven’t had Christmas, if you haven’t had it in Southern Africa.

Spring brings out the joy in me. It puts smiles on the faces of our people and brings all our friends and families closer together. We cannot be more thankful for this time of the year. Enjoy it my fellow Southern Africans and remember to bring along the sunscreen. We don’t want to burn our precious beach bodies we worked so hard for that we can over indulge in our traditional family feasts. And to all my friends abroad, do yourself a favor and come have one Christmas in our land of freedom and enjoy the sight of some of the most beautiful girls in the world. You wouldn’t want to return once you’ve spent a day in our shoes.

In the Wake of dreams..


So the other day, I was on the Internet, doing the usual useless stuff every collage student does instead of the work he has to do. For some reason when you have deadlines and you are up to your ears in work, you would rather sleep or do something useless like surfing the internet.

While I was in the wake of this virtual barrel of information, I stumbled upon something that really got my mind in some place it would rather be than in the books that lie before me me in a mountainous manner. I came upon an article about dreams. Not the usual dreams we have at night while engaging in that much more appreciated sleep that we love so profoundly in collage. No, this was the dreams we have in life. The things we really want to do. The things that keep us doing what we don’t love, so we could “one day” do those things we really want to. Dreams that make us feel alive, and give us a reason for living. For some these dreams are to grow up, buy exquisite cars, unnecessarily huge appealing houses, make millions a year and spend it on useless things we would probably use just once and then get bored of it. To have the highest possible ranking in society, so you feel important. So people will like you, when actually don’t like you, but the money you posses. For others it is having the perfect body to please others and not yourself with, to feel like death every time you stop yourself from eating what you like. Constantly following unnecessary diets that probably do not even work, but you keep convincing yourself they do. For some they might be to perform on the stage as an artist, so millions would scream their name, faint and through their stained briefs on your face.

Or maybe its actually a dream that makes sense to you. One that you can actually peruse. A dream to go see the world. A dream to live your life. A dream to see and experience the unknown. A dream to see how others live. A dream to actually surf the waters of an unknown ocean or eat something you never thought you would ever eat, like scorpion soup or deep fried Tarantula. I’m quick to judge others dreams, but don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are stupid, because to you, they are not.

That is what my dreams are. I want to see the word. This beautiful unexplored planet of ours. Now I don’t have a problem with the dreams of others, its just that, its earthly things that get left behind when you are gone. Things you cannot take to your grave. When you follow dreams that make you live your life, that actually makes you feel alive, that gives life a meaning you could die happy, knowing that you lived your life. You used it to your fullest potential. You didn’t follow the rest of the world in doing what they want you to do. You broke the rules, and had fun doing it. Why would you want to live any other way?

Dreams keep us sane, give us a reason to live, a path to follow, and a clear mindset and focus to what we want to achieve. Whatever your dreams, useless or not, insane or not, imposable or not or just plain crazy, follow it. Work towards it. transform it into reality and pursue it!

I will continue to surf my virtual wave now. Maybe I’ll see another article about strange foods or some underground beach. Or maybe I should start working through this mountain of books in front of me…


The Change-up!

loverslaneToday, something really strange happened to me.  The sky was dark and covered with a blanket of clouds, the wind as breathing heavy with a low temperature that gave you chills the moment you walked out the door. No one was in sight and campus felt like a ghost town. The smell of fresh rain lingered in the air and the light was grey like the surface of the moon. Perfect setting for something out of the ordinary or creepy to happen.

I had a late night, sipping on coffee, reading every sentence three  times making sure I could recall every word like a parrot does once you taught it how to speak for today’s test. So obviously I was pretty tired and had the Monday blues. Test went well, and that cheered me up completely, except the air was still dark and cold. I took the long path back to my dormitory, just because my mood was lifted and I felt like walking under the trees blooming in lovers lane. Legend says that if you and your lover walk  through the canopy of leafs, holding hands and one of them falls on you, you are bound to get married in the next four years.

While walking back, admiring the sight of the budding trees, a strange character walked up to me like he knew me. I had no idea who he was. He was pretty chubby, had a round face like that of Johna Hill, short legs and had a creepy smile on his face. He mumbled something, but I just kept walking. I didn’t want this guy to spoil my mood and I thought he probably wanted to sell me something. As I continued along my path, I looked back and he stared at me as if he wanted to tell me something with a face like his best friend just ignored him.

Just a few meters further I saw a girl I recognized. I walked up to her and greeted her with a smile. She just looked at me as if she didn’t know who I was. I stood there, with a dumbfounded expression on my face, and didn’t have a word to say. We actually hung out before. This bothered me, And my mind started wandering off. What if I looked different today? Did I look like someone else? That’s probably why the Johna Hill character wanted to talk to me. He thought he knew me… “I am in another body” I thought to myself, like in the movie Freaky Friday, or The Change-up. That’s probably how they came up with a script like that. I started to panic and looked for the nearest thing I could see my reflection in.  “Why has this happened to me”. Some kind of witch put a spell on me to learn me a lesson. “What did I do wrong”. I came up to a window stumbling over a random rock in the path, hurting my toe. I looked into the window with a terrified face like someone in my family just died. I saw myself. It was me! I sighed a breath of relief, and a smile appeared on my face, overpowering the terrified expression.

On my way back, walking cripple because my toe still hurt, I thought to myself how stupid I was thinking of something so foolish. “I watch to much TV” I said. I approached my residence, and when I walked through the door, one of my friends looked at me with a terrified face. I thought “this is it”. This was the icing on the cake. I am in a different persons body, unable to see it, feeling like myself, seeing myself, but looking like someone completely different to everyone else. I asked with a trembling voice an a tear almost freeing itself from the gland, “whats wrong?” He looked at me and burst out in laughter. Again I stood there, dumbstruck, unable to say a word. I didn’t understand what was going on. Then through his poignant laughter he uttered the words “I think there is something on your shoulder.”

I hurried back to my room just to find that a bird, probably while walking under the trees in lovers lane, has emptied the contents of its entire body on my shoulder.

This gave me an entire new meaning for the words “Blue Monday”. Sometimes I think these embarrassing things only happen to me. Luckily the weather was so awful that campus literally was a ghost town, and nobody else witnessed this catastrophe of mine.